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Discover how automation through Salesforce has revolutionised workflows at High Speed Training. In our latest blog post, we delve into the tangible benefits of automation, showcasing how it has not only streamlined operations but also enhanced their team's adaptability to new technology. Join us as we explore automation's transformative impact on business efficiency and effectiveness.


High Speed Training are a leading online education provider, who create and deliver industry-leading training that makes learning and compliance straightforward, simple and engaging. Industries and legislation can evolve quickly, so High Speed Training believe that training should be effective, relevant and convenient, no matter the size of your business. They aim to make your workplaces as safe and efficient as possible through engaging and accessible online training.


The Customer Service department used multiple systems, creating fragmentation in processes and data inconsistency.

The previous platforms were unable to provide the ability to automate helpful, time-saving tasks which was ultimately leading to increased admin time and user frustration.


Service Cloud

Kontechs implemented Service Cloud for the Customer Service Department at High Speed Training. Salesforce Service Cloud streamlines communication with customers through its omni-channel support capabilities, ensuring enquiries are promptly addressed regardless of the platform used. Facilitating efficient case management enables High Speed Training to prioritise and assign tasks effectively, thereby enhancing the resolution process. With AI-powered insights, High Speed Training now gain valuable data-driven insights into customer needs and preferences, allowing for personalised interactions and continuous improvement in service delivery.


High Speed Training utilises Salesforce Service Cloud’s omnichannel support to seamlessly engage with customers and faculty across various platforms. This ensures enquiries are efficiently managed and promptly addressed, regardless of the communication channel used.

Einstein Bots

Harnessing Einstein Bots within Salesforce Service Cloud provides enhanced customer interactions. By deploying intelligent chatbots, High Speed Training efficiently handles common queries and provides instant assistance to customers.

Web & Email to Case

High Speed Training utilise Web to Case and Email to Case. This feature automatically converts incoming email messages into cases, enabling High Speed Training to promptly respond to customer queries. Additionally, the incoming case information is accurately categorised for Customer Service Agents, allowing the team to have greater visibility and address customer queries more accurately and quickly.

Hively Integration

Hively is used by High Speed Training to collect customer satisfaction scores. Hively is now integrated into their support process, increasing customer engagement by 200%. We also discovered that 95% of their customers now rate High Speed Training with the highest satisfaction score.
“They are highly professional, genuinely supportive, and always ready to tackle any issues we face. Working with them feels like having an extended part of our own team that's just as invested in our success as we are.”
Laura Damant
Head of Customer Service

The Kontechs team wants to thank Laura and the High Speed Training team for choosing Kontechs to work with.

It has been a fantastic experience so far, and we can’t wait to see you do even more using Salesforce.

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