Ronald McDonald House Ireland, Preparing For Nonprofit Growth


Ronald McDonald House Charities Ireland, provide a “home away from home” for families of seriously ill children receiving treatment in hospital. Their mission is to create, find, and support programmes that directly improve the health and well-being of children and their families. 

They are currently embarking on an exciting project to build a new 52-bedroom accommodation unit at the new children’s hospital in Dublin.

This expansion will significantly enhance their capacity to support even more families during challenging times, which is why it was crucial to partner with a Salesforce partner to empower us on the mission to scale fundraising.


The fundraising process at Ronald McDonald House Charities Ireland was disjointed. Having multiple sources of donations and fundraising it was difficult to gain visibility on this information.

Our objective was to integrate many fundraising platforms to one seamless operation in Salesforce.


Donation Platform Integrations

The Kontechs team integrated multiple donation platforms into Salesforce, largely reducing manual admin time.

Kontechs has been instrumental in automating several of our key processes, which has saved us a significant amount of time. They have resolved issues like duplicate records and ensuring a unified view of our donor contributions, which for us is so important as our wonderful donors are the lifeblood of making our work possible and we care deeply about providing the best experience possible.” – Louise Quail 


One major achievement has been the creation of dashboards that provide real-time visibility into our fundraising activities, enabling us to track donations and manage donor relations more effectively, it’s the first tool I use when I sit down in the morning to start my day, and the work they have done for us has been amazing.” – Louise Quail

Data Cleansing

Kontechs has cleaned up historical data and streamlined our data management processes, which has been crucial for our expanding operations.” – Louise Quail

“Kontechs were so different to any other Salesforce partner as they explained everything so easily and it was such a great experience as they just understand charities inside and out.”
Louise Quail
Head of Development

The Kontechs team wants to thank Louise and the team for choosing Kontechs to work with.

It has been a fantastic experience so far, and we can’t wait to see you do even more using Salesforce.

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